How To Make A Complaint

The Commissioner for Standards is responsible for considering complaints about the conduct of States Members, Ministers and Assistant Ministers in Jersey. The Commissioner can also initiate her own investigation if she believes that, at a relevant time, a breach of the applicable Code(s) of Conduct may have occurred.  

States Members are expected to behave in accordance with the Code of Conduct for Elected Members, which is set out in Schedule 3 of the Standing Orders of the States of Jersey. Ministers and Assistant Ministers are expected to comply at all times with the Code of Conduct for Elected Members and they are also expected to comply with the Code of Conduct and Practice for Ministers and Assistant Ministers, which is adopted by the Council of Ministers in accordance with Article 18(3A)(b) of the States of Jersey Law 2005. 

The Commissioner’s Statement outlines the process she will follow in considering complaints and carrying out investigations into alleged breaches of the Code(s) of Conduct.

How To Submit Your Complaint

If you believe that a States Member, Minister or Assistant Minister has breached their applicable Code(s) of Conduct, you can submit a complaint either

Online Submission

In Writing

Commissioner for Standards,
c/o States Greffe,
Morier House, Halkett Place,
St. Helier,
Jersey, JE1 1DD


What To Include In Your Complaint

In order for a complaint to be considered by the Commissioner it should:

The Commissioner will not accept complaints related to: